Raeburn Drilling & Geotechnical Ltd is one of the largest and most prominent independent Site Investigation contractors in the U.K.

RDG’s position as industry leader has been achieved and maintained through the provision of a high quality, innovative and reliable service. With offices and in-house laboratories in Aberdeen, Glasgow, London, Belfast and Birmingham, RDG has the ability to provide this service with an unparalleled promptness.


Raeburn Drilling & Geotechnical Ltd fully owns and operates a large and unique fleet of drilling rigs comprising Sonic, Rotary, Cable Percussive, Windowless and Dynamic Sampling supported by specialist ancillary equipment. Whether a city centre location or remote mountainside, RDG has the equipment and expertise to provide a solution.

Plant Capabilities and Development Programme

In-house specialist mechanics fabricate and update the existing fleet to include a selection of unique, purpose built and modified machines, designed to tackle the increasing number of restricted height/width access situations or extremely soft ground conditions. The diversity of the M-Trak Rotary Drilling unit (capable of accessing internal areas within standard doorways) and LS250 Sonic Drill (ideal for very remote areas over soft ground and drilling to depth) demonstrates RDG’s considerable plant capability.


Professional Staff

Raeburn Drilling & Geotechnical Ltd offers a professional engineering team comprising civil engineers, geologists, environmental scientists and geochemists of graduate to chartered level experience. Our experienced drill teams are also NVQ trained and BDA Audited. In addition to CSCS level cards, all site personnel (as pertinent to their role) hold Directors Safety Leadership Training Scheme, Site Managers Safety Training Scheme and Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme accreditation.

This large and technically diverse reserve ensures that each Site Investigation team is specifically selected to ensure the highest level of expertise for the nature of the project.

RDG has a proven record in guiding Ground Investigations from inception to planning consent. All interpretative reports produced incorporate current legislation and satisfy Local Authority requirements.

The Company offers a rapid response to any enquiry ranging from desktop studies; scoping and carrying out all types of investigations; identifying contamination/geotechnical issues and formulating remediation requirements appropriate to the development.


RDG wholly owns geotechnical and chemical testing laboratories Terra Tek Limited strategically located around the United Kingdom. This ensures total autonomy and control over timescales and procedures. UKAS Accreditation is held for all routine geotechnical soil and rock testing in its laboratories and on-site testing at Aberdeen, Glasgow, London and Birmingham whilst the latter is also UKAS and MCERTS Accredited for contamination testing.

Raeburn Drilling & Geotechnical Ltd is one of the largest and most prominent independent Site Investigation contractors in the U.K.