Raeburn Drilling & Geotechnical Ltd is one of the largest and most prominent independent Site Investigation contractors in the U.K.

RDG’s fleet of LS250 Sonic Drilling rigs may look similar to many of its other rotary coring rigs. The main difference is the wide low ground bearing rubber tracks and Sonic drill head. Counter-rotating weights within the head generate high frequency vibratory forces (resonance energy) which act vertically on the drill string. Rotation of the drill string ensures even distribution of energy down to the bit face. This is manipulated by the Lead Driller to optimise sample recovery through reducing friction and permitting the quick advancement of the sample barrel and casing into each formation encountered.
An added advantage of choosing RDG for your Sonic Drilling needs is the uniquely supported ancillary plant. With compressors and water tanks fitted to low ground pressure bearing tracked vehicles, RDG’s LS250 Sonic Drilling rigs are capable of achieving unassisted access which is unprecedented in the Site Investigation industry. RDG has an unrivalled track record in delivering Sonic Drilling services on remote, soft and boggy wind farm sites, environmentally sensitive locations and hilly exposed terrain.

Sonic Drilling offers an overburden drilling system which cases off the borehole on a continuous basis. This has a number of drilling benefits over many traditional techniques including ensuring borehole stability and isolating zones of contamination during the drilling process.

Where drilling in sensitive environs or contaminated land Sonic Drilling offers a safe, clean method of Ground Investigation. The unique way in which the sampled material is extruded directly into the specialised liners ensures Drilling Operatives do not come into contact with potentially contaminated soils.

Production rates achieved by Sonic Drilling can be considerably higher when compared to other boring, drilling and sampling methods. This often significantly reduces overall site time and thus ultimate project spend.

Sonic Drilling is a reliable method where ground conditions are difficult and conventional investigatory methods have been unsuccessful. The technique is unrivalled in dense granular cobble and boulder bearing strata and landfill sites where wood, metal and other obstructions are present.

The Sonic Drilling sampling process retrieves the entire soil horizon through its unique sampling procedure. RDG’s LS250 Sonic Drilling rigs are capable of undertaking standard penetration testing and tube samples. These are captured using dedicated samplers incorporated in the drilling technique and advanced by static or dynamic means without the use of resonance. This is crucial for providing a full detailed geological profile of the borehole.

RDG’s Sonic rigs are also designed to continue by rotary drilling methods including wireline, which allows unrivalled sampling extension of the borehole into bedrock. This offers an added cost saving to project spend through negating the requirement to mobilise additional conventional rotary drilling plant and personnel to site.

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